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  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    03 Mar 2017

    Last week I was busy focusing hard on two hugely important local issues – Education and Health. The new national funding formula for schools is currently out for consultation. The proposals see the majority of schools in our constituency receive increased funding but an important minority including our 3 secondary schools would see a reduction. So last week I had separate discussions with the H.... Read more...

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    14 Oct 2016
    Last week I was busy right across our vast constituency. Much of my local focus continues to be on local healthcare provision and the consultation on the CCG’s plans for local hospitals. Further to my recent meetings with GPs in Buckfastleigh and Bovey Tracey last week I met with doctors in Ashburton and Okehampton along with the Friends of Okehampton and Crediton hospitals. In Okehampton I also h.... Read more...

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    31 Jul 2015

    Last week, with the start of the parliamentary recess it was good to get out and about in the constituency. This included a very uplifting visit to Grey Matter, the software wholesaler based in Ashburton. I say ‘uplifting’ as it is especially rewarding to visit a company that has such a long history of expansion and success, is based locally and provides vital high skilled jobs in the local com.... Read more...

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    17 Apr 2015

    I have lived in Ashburton for a decade. I love our town. It’s traditions, people and sense of community. When a proposed supermarket on our outskirts threatened our town centre I helped fight it off – see my submission to DNP. When our .... Read more...

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    10 Apr 2015

    This election is the most important in a generation. It can only result in one of two outcomes - David Cameron as Prime Minister or Ed Milliband occupying Number 10 - almost certainly propped up by the Scottish Nationalists sending yet more of our money North of the border. The choice is also between sticking to a successful economic plan or going back to the days of spraying around the cash th.... Read more...

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    03 Apr 2015

    Thank you

    So, my final column for the Express and Echo prior to the General Election – I hope to be back afterwards (if this paper will have me) but electoral success is never something I have taken for granted. So could I thank all who have read my many columns over the last 5 years and especially thank the many who have written to me in response to them. Regardless of whether yo.... Read more...

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    26 Sep 2014

    On Thursday I sacrificed a night’s sleep to listen to the Scottish referendum results as they blew through the airwaves and my radio set. It was a surreal experience to sit propped up, in the half-light, on caffeine and adrenaline listening with a terrible fascination to the outcome of ballots in halls, in towns and cities of which I knew but little – knowing that within those early intonations.... Read more...

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    22 Aug 2014

    Some months ago, during Transport Questions in the Commons I pressed Ministers to visit Okehampton to discuss with local people the arguments for a new railway from Exeter to Plymouth via Okehampton. And last week I was delighted to welcome Rail Minister, Claire Perry MP to our town hall to listen to local views. I am grateful to all who participated but especially to Michael Ireland, the Chair.... Read more...

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    11 Jul 2014

    Dotted on a cloud I could just make it out. A putting fleck. Next to the sun. There were hundreds of us – each craned skyward. In time, of course, like all waking thoughts, it blurred into shape. Hanging a little fragile in the breeze. Two sets of wings. One up top. The other stubbed out from the belly beneath. The music seemed to crank up as she came more clearly into view. Something classical.... Read more...

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    20 Jun 2014

    Last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions was studded with references to football – what with the World Cup upon us. The PM kicked off by telling a cheering Commons, “I am sure the whole House will wish to join me in wishing the England football team the very best of British before their first World cup game this Saturday in Brazil.” In the stands behind him the fans went wild.

    Then Labour’....

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    30 May 2014

    Last weekend I spent an extraordinary morning at the Buckfastleigh steam railway. I have visited many times but this was special – I officially opened their new toilets. And before you scoff my friends – as I know some of you will – let me tell you that this was an occasion of some distinction. Oh yes, mes amis, The Mayor of Buckfastleigh was there. The Deputy Chairman of the County. The Chairm.... Read more...

  • Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    25 Apr 2014

    Last week’s employment figures were another huge boost to an already booming economy. Unemployment fell to its lowest level for five years and we now have more people in work than at any time in our history – over 30 million people in a job and 1.5 million more in work since the election. And jobs are not just statistics they mean a pay packet and security for our families. I carefully track un.... Read more...