• A Positive Future

    Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    10 April 2015

    This election is the most important in a generation. It can only result in one of two outcomes - David Cameron as Prime Minister or Ed Milliband occupying Number 10 - almost certainly propped up by the Scottish Nationalists sending yet more of our money North of the border. The choice is also between sticking to a successful economic plan or going back to the days of spraying around the cash that we never had – in short, going back to square one. And getting the economy right is fundamental. For if we are to improve our vital public services, to support local communities, our schools, hospitals, GPs, charities, armed forces and more – then we must be able to pay for them. Just ask the Greeks and the Portuguese. They failed to get on top of their debt and have had to slash health spending. We have increased spending on our NHS.

    I see so much that is positive in Central Devon. Communities of decent people supporting each other. When I was our MP I spent a huge amount of time with many of them – visiting 500 local voluntary organisations and businesses. Helping and fighting their corner in Parliament. I ran my ‘Fairer Funding for Devon Schools’ campaign for many years and we have now secured £20,000 more on average per local school. I pushed local apprenticeships – unemployment in our constituency has fallen 56% since 2010. I held 250 advice surgeries and dealt with 40,000 problems and queries. I want to continue to work for us. But I also want to do that as part of a government that will finish the job of fixing the economy so allowing us to pay for better public services and to avoid passing on huge debts to our children and grandchildren.