• Ashburton

    Author - Mr Melvyn Stride
    17 April 2015

    I have lived in Ashburton for a decade. I love our town. It’s traditions, people and sense of community. When a proposed supermarket on our outskirts threatened our town centre I helped fight it off – see my submission to DNP. When our Post Office needed help to grow and our library a new home – I gave them 100% - you will also find Stuart and Jackie’s comments on my site. When our school needed extra funding I helped raise it. Year after year I have taken Ashburton students to Oxford University to encourage them to aim high. I have lobbied hard to protect our local hospital and I have supported many local businesses and organisations. I have held 250 advice surgeries with several in Ashburton. I am always here when Ashburton needs me.

    This election matters. It follows 5 tough years saving the economy and a remarkable recovery. Under this government a horrendous economic inheritance has been firmly tackled - unemployment has plummeted - by 56% here in Central Devon since 2010. Nationally, 1,000 new jobs have been created every day – that's more than in all other EU countries combined. Over 2 million new apprentices have joined the workforce. Our economy is now growing faster than any in the developed world – we are the envy of America and Germany. Inflation is at zero per cent. We are on our way to better times, to affording more for our public services, to paying our way in the world and saying no to saddling our children and grandchildren with the debts of the past. But we are not there yet – and it would not take much to wreck our hard-won achievements. My fear is that Ed Miliband and Ed Balls would hike taxes and once again turn on the spending taps - taking us right back to square one. And why does the economy matter? Because without a healthy economy we cannot support our public services including our NHS – just ask the Portuguese and Greeks who have had to slash health spending where we have increased it.

    Serving as your MP was the greatest honour of my life. If you re-elect me I will continue to work hard for you, to stand up for our town and hopefully to serve as part of a government that will finish the job of securing our future.