12 September 2016
    Mel Stride

    Organised by Crediton residents Chris Findell, Wendy Quick and Christina Squier the Central Devon Conservative Lunch Club held a successful fundraiser on Friday (9th Sept) at The Devon Hotel in Exeter with Central Devon’s local MP Mel Stride as its special guest.

    Mrs Findell said:

    “Friday was another very well-attended lunch which, as always, was both a good social occasion and a fascinating insight into politics with Mel explaining about his new role in the Government’s Whips’ office where he is now in charge of the running of Government business in the main chamber and the accompanying position of Comptroller of HM Household, which will see him occasionally attending on the Queen. He also talked about the Government’s Brexit negotiations, continued focus on the economic recovery and about his recent hard work here in Central Devon.”

    Mel said:

    “I have been involved with the Conservative Party for more than 30 years and spirits within the party are as as high now as they have been for a very long time. Local party membership is on the rise - particularly youth membership which has trebled this year - and people who are supporters but not members are getting more involved through attending social events and campaigning. I was very pleased to speak at the Lunch Club which has done a great deal to support the Central Devon Conservative Association over many years and thank Chris, Wendy and Christina for their tremendous efforts.”

    For information about the Lunch Club phone Chris Findell on 01363 772695 or email The next lunch is being organised for some time in the new year.