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Jacob Rees Mogg Dinner

Jacob Rees Mogg Dinner

Members and supporters of Central Devon Conservatives flocked to the Fingle Glen Hotel in Tedburn St Mary for the Association’s Annual Constituency Dinner. The sold-out event saw our local MP Mel Stride address the 140 guests and introduce guest speaker Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.

Jacob Reece Mogg Speaking at Central Devon Dinner
Jacob Reece Mogg Speaking at Central Devon Dinner


Mel welcomed JRM warmly & lightheartedly said despite him taking his job and car!
JRM said Boris was reinvigorating the Party and a charismatic leader. He was bringing the Party back together, and starting to change the political debate onto new & traditional Tory Party policies & strengths. He went on to say that Brexit needs to be done which removes the impetus for the Brexit Party, however Parliament is saying they will not support the Government and will not let there be a general election.
Jeremy Lee, Mel Stride and Mike Davies with Jacob Reece Mogg

Association Chairman Councillor Mike Davies said: “It was a really enjoyable and interesting evening. Both Mel and Jacob spoke very well and the Q&A allowed members to quiz Jacob on a variety of topics. It was good to see a real mix of people come to the event, from young university students to long standing members who have supported our Association for many years.”


26th October 2018

CENTRAL DEVON MP Mel Stride has welcomed the latest employment figures which show wage growth at a ten-year high, overall unemployment remaining at a 43-year low and youth unemployment now 50% lower than it was in 2010. This equates to 475,000 fewer people aged 18-24 out of work. Compared to a year ago employment in the UK is up by 289,000 and unemployment is down by 79,000.

Mr Stride said:

“These are a very encouraging set of job figures with wages continuing to rise faster than inflation and the proportion of young people who are unemployed and not in full-time education at the lowest level since records began in 1992. This means that more young people are working hard earning a living or studying for valuable qualifications. We are also starting to see one of the consequences of low unemployment – rising wages – with seven consecutive months of wage growth. But there is much, much more still to do and there must not be any complacency within Government as it continues to drive down unemployment and help businesses grow.”

Mr Stride, who serves as Financial Secretary to the Treasury, also highlighted the greater wage growth for those on lower incomes compared to those on higher incomes as especially good news, adding:

“In the past three years the lowest paid 5% of workers in the UK have seen their wages rise by 6.8% compared to the highest paid 5% of workers who have seen a 2.2% rise.”


26th October 2018

CENTRAL DEVON MP Mel Stride is encouraging his constituents to take part in a major national review into the future of our country’s National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Launched by Environment Secretary Michael Gove, the review is the first opportunity in 70 years for the public to have such a significant role in shaping their future, with comments sought on issues such as environmental protections, public transport access, housing and jobs.

The nation’s 34 AONBs and 10 National Parks cover a quarter of England’s land and are home to over 2.3 million people. They also generate over £20 billion for the rural economy, and support 75,000 jobs.

Mr Stride, whose Central Devon constituency includes much of Dartmoor including its largest towns, said:

“The future of our National Parks and AONB are hugely important, including ensuring the businesses operating within them can succeed, the residents who live within them have access to essential services and that local wildlife populations are protected. Within the past six weeks I have held meetings within Dartmoor on affordable housing, healthcare, social care and the challenges facing the rural economy and productivity. Residents will no doubt have views on these issues and others such as broadband and mobile phone coverage and this is a great opportunity for those with ideas or concerns to have their say.”

Responses can be given individually by members of the public or by groups or organisations, by visiting www.gov.uk and searching for ‘national park review’.


Notes to Editors

Photo: Mel recently holding a meeting at Dartmoor National Park HQ in Bovey Tracey on the how to boost the rural economy and improve productivity.

For more information please contact Chris Yeo via cjyeo@hotmail.co.uk.
For more from Mel visit www.melstridemp.com or follow him on twitter @MelJStride


3rd October 2018

CENTRAL DEVON MP Mel Stride has cited the current high price of oil and the need to support small businesses and low-income families as three of the main reasons behind the Government’s decision to freeze fuel duty for the ninth year in a row. HM Treasury, in which Mr Stride serves as a minister, had previously considered whether the time was right to end the freeze to raise an additional £800million through a 2p a litre increase. But the announcement from Prime Minister Theresa May today (03/10/18) confirmed the Chancellor will not make the move in this year’s budget.

Explaining the decision Mr Stride said:

“The Treasury thought long and hard about this decision as the Government is looking at how additional revenue can be raised to invest in public services, particularly health and social care. But several factors led to us concluding that ending the fuel duty freeze would not have been the right way to go. Petrol and diesel prices have gone up in the past year due to the high price of oil and a duty increase would have exacerbated that. For many families and small businesses, particularly in rural counties like Devon, a car is a necessity and freezing duty for a ninth year in a row will help families on the lowest incomes and support small businesses, particularly self-employed tradesmen who use their vans daily for work.”

The fuel duty escalator was introduced in the 1990s to increase duty ahead of inflation to curb pollution from road transport. Taking into account this freeze, an average family will be saving nearly £1,000 a year at the pump compared to what they would have spent had the Government not frozen the duty for the past nine years.


Notes to Editors

For more information please contact Chris Yeo via cjyeo@hotmail.co.uk.
For more from Mel visit www.melstridemp.com or follow him on twitter @MelJStride


24th September 2018

PARENTS taking advantage of the government’s 30 hours of free childcare provision for three and four-year-olds have found their finances have improved and their children are better prepared to start school. This is according to new research published by the Department for Education one year on from the launch of the 30 hours childcare scheme which surveyed more than 3,000 parents enrolled in the scheme. 86% of parents said their children were better prepared to start school ready to learn and 78% said that taking up the free 30 hours offer for their three and four-year-olds helped them save money that they were able to invest back into their families and improve their overall quality of life.

Welcoming the report Mr Stride said:

“The results of this survey mirror what I hear from families with young children across my constituency – that the introduction of 30 hours of free childcare for three and four-year- olds is having a massive difference on their family life. Parents from lower or middle-income households are seeing the biggest benefits and more parents, particularly mothers, are able to get back to work if they wish to do so.”

Mr Stride also claimed the scheme had assisted with the fall in the number of children growing up in workless households, adding:

“It is not a coincidence that in the same year as the Government introduced this scheme the number of children living in workless households has dropped to the lowest level since records began in 1996. This is important because there is strong evidence of a link between children growing up and seeing their parents putting in a hard day’s work with their attitudes towards education and work in the future.”


Notes to Editors

Over 3,000 parents were surveyed about their experiences of using the government-funded hours, including whether the offer saved them money and improved their children’s development, with families from lower-income backgrounds most likely to say that the hours had made their children more ‘school ready’.

Other findings from the research published today showed that the 30 hours offer:

  • Improves finances: 69% of parents using the 30 hours offer said their weeklychildcare bills have fallen, while 84% said the 30 hours is making a difference to their

    family finances.

  • Helps increase working hours: 71% of parents said 30 hours helps them balancework with their childcare needs (46% of whom said it was made a ‘great deal’ of difference), and more than two in five parents (42%) said it gave them more flexibility over their working hours.
  • Supports lower-income families: Parents from lower or middle income households were more likely to say that 30 hours makes a ‘great deal’ of difference to their ability to balance family life with work.
  • Can be tailored to a family’s needs: 71% of parents using the offer found it flexible to use, fitting it around their lifestyles
  • Improves access to childcare: It also showed that 83% of three and four year olds are now able to take advantage of some form of free childcare offer from the government. In June, the Department for Education published census data, which showed 94% of children were benefiting from funded early education from the Government.For more information please contact Chris Yeo via cjyeo@hotmail.co.uk.
    For more from Mel visit www.melstridemp.com or follow him on twitter @MelJStride

Central Devon Conservatives gather for packed fundraiser in Tedburn St Mary

14th September 2018

CONSERVATIVE PARTY members and supporters across Central Devon descended on the Fingle Glen Hotel in Tedburn St Mary this evening for a fundraising dinner. Local MP Mel Stride joined the dinner after a packed day of meetings in his constituency including spending the afternoon with members of the National Farmers Union in Copplestone and hosting a meeting at Dartmoor National Park HQ in Bovey Tracey on boosting the rural economy.

Mel arrived in time to introduce guest speaker Sir Graham Brady MP, who served as Shadow Minister for Europe under four Conservative Party leaders and has been Chairman of the influential backbench 1922 Committee since 2010. The event attracted more than a hundred supporters and raised over £2,000.

Association Chairman Cllr. Mike Davies added:

“With Brexit dominating the headlines it was very good to have such a knowledgeable and interesting speaker. It was great to see the event so well attended and we are really grateful to Sir Graham for giving up his time to support our association.”

Mr Stride added:

“It is a very interesting time to be involved with politics – the two main events we have held this summer have been very well attended and it was certainly good to see a room full of people whose views on Brexit might vary but all came together so amicably to support the party and enjoy a good evening.”


For more information please contact Mike Davies on 07771 933718.

Photo Caption: Mel Stride MP and guest speaker Sir Graham Brady MP at a Central Devon Conservatives fundraising dinner in Tedburn St Mary.

Central Devon Conservatives gather for packed Annual Constituency Dinner at Canonteign Falls

4th June 2018

CONSERVATIVE PARTY members and supporters across Central Devon enjoyed their Annual Constituency Dinner this evening (1st June) at Canonteign Falls in the Teign Valley. After a busy day of meetings around his constituency local MP Mel Stride joined the dinner in time to introduce guest speaker Justine Greening MP, who served as Secretary of State for Education from 2016-2018 and previously held other cabinet posts before that including Secretary of State for International Development and Secretary of State for Transport. The event is the Association’s biggest fundraiser of the year and attracted more than a hundred supporters.

The mood was positive following an excellent set of election results within the constituency last year for the Conservatives with Mr Stride being elected with an increased share of the vote and Conservative councillors winning 9 of the 11 Devon County Council seats within the constituency. After attending the event Mr Stride said:

“This evening was a chance to celebrate our successes last year and to thank the members and supporters who do so much for our Association, whether out pounding the streets knocking on doors or helping deliver local updates.”

Association Chairman Cllr. Mike Davies added:

“Both Mel and Justine spoke very well about a number of important issues facing our country today including the challenges of negotiating a good Brexit deal, meeting the rising costs of healthcare provision and ensuring all our children have access to a world-class education. It was a very interesting and enjoyable evening and great to see the event sold out.”


For more information please contact Mike Davies on 07771 933718.

Photo Caption: Mel Stride MP and guest speaker Justine Greening MP at the Central Devon Conservatives Annual Constituency Dinner in the Teign Valley.


16th March 2018

CONSERVATIVE PARTY members across Central Devon attended a packed Annual General Meeting at the Boniface Centre in Crediton this evening (16th March). The mood was positive following an excellent set of Devon County Council election results in 2017, which saw the party win 9 of the 11 seats that are wholly or partly in Central Devon, and a very strong local General Election result where local MP Mel Stride was re-elected with an increased share of the vote. Chairman Mike Davies reported on a strong year of fundraising, on youth membership (members under 23) being at a six-year high and congratulated Mr Stride on his promotion to Financial Secretary to the Treasury – a key position in government and senior position in HM Treasury.

After attending the AGM Mr Stride said:

“In terms of our membership it has been another positive year for our party and it is especially encouraging to see more young people getting involved with politics and joining the Conservative Party. As always, I am hugely grateful to our members for their continued support, particularly in pounding the streets with local updates and surveys so we can continue to listen to and address the concerns of local residents.”

Okehampton West Devon Borough Councillor Mike Davies was re-elected as Chairman of the Association for the coming year.

For more information please contact Mike Davies on 07771 933718.


27th October 2017

AN ENJOYABLE lunch was had by 40 members and supporters of the Central Devon Conservative Association (CDCA) at the Devon Hotel in Exeter on Friday (27/10/17). The latest CDCA Lunch Club event was organised by Crediton residents Chris Findell, Wendy Quick and Christina Squier with Central Devon’s local MP Mel Stride as its guest speaker. In July Mr Stride was promoted to Financial Secretary to the Treasury and Paymaster General – the third highest ranking minister in HM Treasury and one rung below the cabinet. His brief includes responsibility for strategic oversight of the UK tax system including direct, indirect, business, property and personal taxation, corporate and small business taxation, European and international tax issues and the voluntary sector and gift aid.

CDCA Chairman Mike Davies said:

“Today was both a good social occasion and a fascinating insight into Westminster politics with Mel explaining about his new role. He works incredibly hard standing up on issues specific to our large and very rural constituency and it is also good to see him working on issues that matter to the whole country. For example, taking the Finance Bill – which will introduce further measures to tackle tax evasion and avoidance – through the Commons.”

Mr Stride, who dashed off from the lunch to hold an important meeting in Okehampton on the future of local hospital, said:

“I was very pleased to speak at the Lunch Club which has done a great deal to support the Central Devon Conservative Association over the past ten years and thank Chris, Wendy and Christina for organising another successful event. It is a very interesting time to be involved with politics at the moment and we’re having one of our busiest ever years of fundraising – reflecting the growing appetite for members and supporters to become more active within the party.”

For information about the Lunch Club please phone Chris Findell on 01363 772695 or email findellfamily@aol.com.

– End –

Photo: Central Devon Conservatives enjoying their latest Lunch Club fundraiser. L-R: Cllr. Judi Binks, Wendy Quick, Christina Findell, Cllr. Margaret Squires, Mel Stride MP, Cllr. Mike Davies and Anne Hughes.